We enter an impressive, 100-year-old residence outside of Santanyi. The main building was refurbished and restored by our partner, Vectoras S.L in Palma.


Our job: install horizontal barriers in all relevant sections of the walls to address heavy moisture caused by rising damp. Project planning, gauging moisture using a microwave sensor (determines humidity inside the wall), measuring, preparing and submitting quote. Masonry consists of quarry and marés stone, wall thicknesses 60cm, 80cm, 110cm. April 2019: After comparing our quote with those from other providers, we received the contract to install a horizontal barrier after the fact. We were involved in the planning to coordinate and optimise all of the work. August 2019: We performed our work: First, it was necessary to fill cavities to stabilise the masonry and prepare it for the water-repellent horizontal barriers. 12.5 cm holes were drilled into the masonry just below the cracks to deal with the situation. Lances were used to inject the walls with our hydrophobic BKM HZ 250 Pro material from BKM Mannesmann AG. A special pump with 4-6 bars of pressure was used for the injection process. Afterwards, the holes were sealed with gypsum-free mortar. As with every project, we tested the results of our work in March 2020.